The pace of modern life is growing faster, while people require even higher living standards than before, especially for the food they have every day. Thus, Soulara team initiated the idea of a web-based vegetarian meal ordering and delivery business. They came to the DevHub team for website design and development.

INDUSTRY Food, Prepmeal, Food ordering & delivery
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  • IT Consultant
  • Website Development
  • QA
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support
TECHSTACK Vue.js, GraphQL, Ruby on Rails, Postgresql, Redis

As this is a start-up program for Soulara team, we spent a long time at an earlier stage to help them rationalise the business flow from the standpoint of the IT profession. This did help both sides comprehensive the whole project and lay a foundation for efficient cooperation.

  • Solve the problem of consequent high charges from payment system due to high amount of order changes
  • Build a MVP in the shortest time
  • Improve the efficiency of management system
  • Mobile and web-friendly site for customers and advanced admin panel.
  • Designed and integrated a new payment system exclusively for Soulara team within a week.
  • Enables them to gain the most freedom in order management while avoiding high charges from the third-party payment system.
  • Modified the back-stage management system for Soulara website to improve the efficiency of administration.
  • Appealing UX/UI design
Soulara cover banner
Soulara banner
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