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With stressful graduation rates in famous universities, international students are struggling and looking for approaches to learn deep and improve their scores. The outstanding graduates would like to help the students improve their own knowledge via sharing organised lesson plans or teaching in class.

INDUSTRY Property Rental Management and Marketing, Property Inspection, Property Valuation
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  • UX/UI
  • Consultant & Planning
  • WeChat Applet Development
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support
  • QA
TECHSTACK Nuxt.js, Spree, Ruby on Rails, Postgresql

FEIT Education has helped a portion of the international students with nice results offline, and they would like to build an online system that could help more and more students, especially remote students, to access the necessary information and they could also examine the learning outcomes of the students. The goal of FEIT Education project is to build a customised platform to support the commerce of various courses or course bundles and the management of verification and course learning.

  • Improve the efficiency of rental management and response time
  • Provide a friendly user interface for the customers to track real-time data
  • Build a MVP in the shortest time
Feitian cover banner
Feitian cover banner
  • Defined a clear and easy to use workflow and interface
  • Understood and teased out the relation between customers, property and their rental management
  • Integrated with 3rd party to sync data/file/images to corresponding customers and property
  • Customised back-stage management system for administration
  • Appealing UX/UI design
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