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Having an excellent publicity and marketing strategy with the offline team. The data and management from the third party platform can only satisfy the team's internal use. With the expansion of the customer base, a friendly and secure login platform for mobile devices will be required to quickly respond to user needs and ensure that users can keep abreast of their real estate status at any time.

INDUSTRY Property Rental Management and Marketing, Property Inspection, Property Valuation
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  • UX/UI
  • QA
  • WeChat Mini Program Development
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support
  • Consultant & Planning
PLATFORMS WeChat Mini Program
TECHSTACK WeChat Mini Program, Postgresql, Redis

As All Seasons has used Wechat Official Account as a daily update source and the platform’s main purpose, our client would like to have a platform mainly for existing users who have properties under their management. In the early stage, we cooperated with our clients to define the core functions and main scenarios of products, and also determine the most practical platform as WeChat Applet. Early analysis and preparation can help release MVP in a short time.

  • Improve the efficiency of rental management and response time
  • Provide a friendly user interface for the customers to track real-time data
  • Build a MVP in the shortest time
  • Defined a clear and easy to use workflow and interface
  • Understood and teased out the relation between customers, property and their rental management
  • Integrated with 3rd party to sync data/file/images to corresponding customers and property
  • Customised back-stage management system for administration
  • Appealing UX/UI design
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