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With more and more people aware of dental health, 2Usmiles would like to offer an online shopping option that allows customers to get their teeth adjusted without going out. With a highly customised workflow, 2Usmiles will be able to identify eligible customers and guarantee their post aligner treatment plan process.

INDUSTRY Dental Health, Aligner, Impression Kit
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  • UX/UI
  • Consultant & Planning
  • Website Development
  • QA
  • Information Architecture
  • Project Management
TECHSTACK Nuxt.js, Ruby on Rails, Postgresql, Redis

2USmiles is a new at-home clear aligner brand that offers 100% remote treatment plans. It’s the top priority for 2Usmiles to ensure that the customers are eligible and happy with their treatment plan before they offer the aligners. And integration with a financial provider for the customers to have an affordable monthly payment plan will help drive more sales.

  • Provide customised customer journey to purchase the product, deliver orders, approve treatment plan and monitor the result of the treatment plan.
  • Build a MVP in the shortest time
  • Drive more sales with monthly payment plan
  • Customised workflow for the customers and management system for administration
  • Integrated with 3rd parties to
    • > Link the digital signature service
    • > Pull treatment plan information
    • > Trigger to generate shipping information
    • > Support monthly payment plan with financial provider
    • > Monitor monthly results to achieve lifetime guarantee
  • Appealing UX/UI design
2Usmiles cover banner
2Usmiles cover banner
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